Not Just A Tea Dress

Good morning! For some reason they call a certain dress a tea dress. And a certain pair of pants are called cigarette pants. I still haven't researched why. For now, I'll share an example of each. And you'll probably want to buy them!

These high-waisted pants look similar to skinny jeans, but dressier. If you're anti-skirt and pro-tuxedo, this is for you! They're stretchy, but sizes are severely limited. :(

This Audrey swing dress is so cute, as plaid never ever ever goes out of style. Ever. If you go to a school that requires plaid, this can be layered over a white blouse. Lindy Bob recommends adding a red or black petticoat that I would probably include.

Like it? Got it? Share the pictures! Again, for your safety do not allow location tracking on your camera. Ciao, bellas!


Dress To Impress!

It's that time of the year for high school seniors worldwide: college application time! So, for the dolls that have interviews coming up, I'd say it's important to look professional, yet awesome. Of course, peplum tops and pencil skirts are an easy choice, because that's what got me into my school. But Lindy Bop has other equally cute dresses and shoes! And if you thought I was gonna let you go without accessories from Unique Vintage, think again!

 The Tiffany Wiggle Dress is simply dashing, and is very easily converted into the perfect date night dress! Goldie Dogtooth shoes are also work-to-dinner shoes, and dogtooth patterns are my favorite!Go check them out  here

The Minelli Mary Janes  come in one color: Wine. But hey, they look amazing against a black dress like the Deanna wiggle dress!

Jewelry should be understated for interviews, as should your purse (besides, giant logos are a no-no.) and hair accessories.  A simple headband or a really nifty hairstyle should work, or the admissions rep will be focused on your noggin. 

This black and gold purse is simple yet stunning, and also has enough space for important stuff such as your resume or some comfy footwear. These adorable anchor earrings or these lovely bangles are equally simple, but don't EVER wear more than one bangle to an interview. 

Who says you can't be smart and pretty? If you wear any of these, show them off in the comments or send them to me on Google+! Please make sure that there is no location tracker before you post (safety first!).


Quick Hair!

Good morning! Let me guess: You're in a hurry and you're just skimming through this post. And you've still got to do your hair. If this is true, stop skimming so I can help you with your hair.

De-tangle, comb, tease, brush, spray, put in ponytail, add a bandanna or headband, and go! If you need to look professional, use a headband. If not, either one is fine! Alternately, skip the accessories (esp. if you can't fold your bandanna right just yet.).

If you have curlers in right now, just spray your hair, remove the curlers and you're done!

Anything else, dolls? Post it in the comments (and be nice. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!)


Tips for Curvy Dolls

Hey, dolls! I'm outta the hospital, and totally not dead.

This question has haunted the modern pin-up girl for years: How the heck do I dress for my body shape? This is especially hard for a girl with a big butt like mine! So what's a curvy chick to do? Go with any style that gives the illusion of an hourglass! If you're bottom heavy, wear a padded bra (my secret weapon!). If you're top heavy, try a swing skirt or padded skirt.

The weapon of choice for most dolls with a curvy middle? The corset!! It doesn't have to be ugly and boring. Head to Corset Story and find a gorgeous colorful one!

Don't care for the "ideal" body, fat bottomed girls? Grab a pencil skirt and show off those hips!!!

Of course no matter what your shape, you're a doll! Show it off in the comments (please turn off your location tracker for your safety.)!


Special Report: The Suicide Roll!!!

Okay, dolls! Before I start, please be advised that I will be away due to a medical emergency, but I'll come home to y'all Wednesday with some more stuff. Love y'all!
This hairstyle, the suicide roll, is basically just one big victory roll. Amy Heidemann of Karmin, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato have rocked this style and I found a tutorial by Glitter Sends The Gleam, and it's detailed! Hm... maybe I oughtta give it a go.

- Comb
– Mousse
– Bobby Pins
– Hairspray
Section off the front section of hair, what would be the “bangs”. Basically as wide as the bones of your forehead, and three inches back. Comb them forward. Make sure they are centered. Use the tail of the comb to clean up the lines.
Gather the rest of your hair in a ponytail or bun — any way that it is out of the way!
Rub a quarter-size dollop of mousse between your hands and run it sparingly through the section of hair. It shouldn’t be goopy or wet, but the flyaways should be firmly reigned in!
As you are running the mousse through your hair, use your fingers to scrape the hair to one side — whichever side your hair tends to part is easiest.
Wrap the tip of the section of hair around two fingers as though beginning a pin curl, and roll it up, not letting any hair escape. This can be tough if you have distinct layers, as I do, but if you can’t get it all to curl together, apply some more mousse to the tip.
Turn the curl in the direction of the cowlick as you roll it up, so that it resembles a flat pincurl as opposed to one that stands up.
Pin the pincurl in place. I used about three bobby pins. Make sure to hide them underneath the hair. The goal is to pin the curl to your hairline so that it stays in place. Fiddle with it a little, roll it up tighter, make it in the center of your forehead, catch any flyaways. You do not need to pin the outside of the curl, the next step will take care of that…
Spray the crap out of it! I prefer using a non-aerosol spray, but both work. Spray directly on the curl, flattening it to your forehead with your hands. No one’s going to be touching it and it needs to stay in place, so don’t be afraid to really spray that sucker.
Let the rest of your hair down, and style it as you like. It looks best curled, and you can do multiple things with it, but I personally like it best with a high curly ponytail.
Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 11.52.45 AM
That's an awesome roll! If you try it, post pics! Be polite, and please disable location tracking before posting. Ciao!


Costume Combos!!!

I'm so excited for 31 October, guys! Took me a month, but I've decided to be Lucille Ball...as a zombie or with calavera makeup.

So, if you're still trying for a nifty costume, pick your favorite celebrity and combine them with something scary or sci-fi (Marlon Brandroid, anybunny?)!

And, Alfonso Ribiero did, indeed, do the Carlton on DWTS. HALLELUJAH!!!


Hauntingly Awesome

I missed this blog. I'm back and Unique Vintage has Halloween fashions for rockabellas! Here are my favorites!

http://www.unique-vintage.com/1950s-style-cream-day-of-the-dead-swing-dress.html The Day Of the Dead swing dress honors the Mexican Holiday with calaveras, skeletons and Frida Kahlo!

http://www.unique-vintage.com/1950s-style-black-white-bats-halter-swing-dress.html The bats are so freaking adorable, that I need this dress. Plus it's a swing dress, so...

http://www.unique-vintage.com/1950s-style-black-green-vampiress-swing-dress.html You get bats for pockets, a swing dress, and a great outfit for any day of the year. I'd consider this dress a win.

http://www.unique-vintage.com/white-black-stripes-zombie-apocalypse-flare-dress.html Zombies are awesome, and totally endearing. The cut of the dress is also amazing.

http://www.unique-vintage.com/black-sparkle-to-die-for-purse-sku-66982.html If you aspire to be a vampire, this is as close as you get. But, hell, it's cute.

http://www.unique-vintage.com/multicolor-calavera-skull-post-earrings-sku-63423.html I adore earrings. I adore skulls. I desire these skull earrings. They'll make you the afterlife of any party!

http://www.unique-vintage.com/black-ivory-mary-jane-skull-pumps.html And of course, shoes. They work with any black or white outfit, and you get
 bonus points just for having Mary Janes.

Have a safe and awesome Halloween, dolls!