Dress To Impress!

It's that time of the year for high school seniors worldwide: college application time! So, for the dolls that have interviews coming up, I'd say it's important to look professional, yet awesome. Of course, peplum tops and pencil skirts are an easy choice, because that's what got me into my school. But Lindy Bop has other equally cute dresses and shoes! And if you thought I was gonna let you go without accessories from Unique Vintage, think again!

 The Tiffany Wiggle Dress is simply dashing, and is very easily converted into the perfect date night dress! Goldie Dogtooth shoes are also work-to-dinner shoes, and dogtooth patterns are my favorite!Go check them out  here

The Minelli Mary Janes  come in one color: Wine. But hey, they look amazing against a black dress like the Deanna wiggle dress!

Jewelry should be understated for interviews, as should your purse (besides, giant logos are a no-no.) and hair accessories.  A simple headband or a really nifty hairstyle should work, or the admissions rep will be focused on your noggin. 

This black and gold purse is simple yet stunning, and also has enough space for important stuff such as your resume or some comfy footwear. These adorable anchor earrings or these lovely bangles are equally simple, but don't EVER wear more than one bangle to an interview. 

Who says you can't be smart and pretty? If you wear any of these, show them off in the comments or send them to me on Google+! Please make sure that there is no location tracker before you post (safety first!).