Not Just A Tea Dress

Good morning! For some reason they call a certain dress a tea dress. And a certain pair of pants are called cigarette pants. I still haven't researched why. For now, I'll share an example of each. And you'll probably want to buy them!

These high-waisted pants look similar to skinny jeans, but dressier. If you're anti-skirt and pro-tuxedo, this is for you! They're stretchy, but sizes are severely limited. :(

This Audrey swing dress is so cute, as plaid never ever ever goes out of style. Ever. If you go to a school that requires plaid, this can be layered over a white blouse. Lindy Bob recommends adding a red or black petticoat that I would probably include.

Like it? Got it? Share the pictures! Again, for your safety do not allow location tracking on your camera. Ciao, bellas!