Tips for Curvy Dolls

Hey, dolls! I'm outta the hospital, and totally not dead.

This question has haunted the modern pin-up girl for years: How the heck do I dress for my body shape? This is especially hard for a girl with a big butt like mine! So what's a curvy chick to do? Go with any style that gives the illusion of an hourglass! If you're bottom heavy, wear a padded bra (my secret weapon!). If you're top heavy, try a swing skirt or padded skirt.

The weapon of choice for most dolls with a curvy middle? The corset!! It doesn't have to be ugly and boring. Head to Corset Story and find a gorgeous colorful one!

Don't care for the "ideal" body, fat bottomed girls? Grab a pencil skirt and show off those hips!!!

Of course no matter what your shape, you're a doll! Show it off in the comments (please turn off your location tracker for your safety.)!