Book Review #2

Good morning, y'all! Finals are next week, so wish me luck on that! Now I finally read "Warm Bodies", on which the film was based, and oh, my word! For the most part, the movie remains true to the book. The protagonist, R, is more sentimental than the average corpse, to where he falls in love with a Living girl named Julie. It's gross, but cute, and so beautifully written that I got through it without throwing up.

SPEAKING OF zombies, another great one: "My Life as a White Trash Zombie" is about a self-described "loser" named Angel who wakes up after a car crash with a new job, a new lifestyle, and a craving for brains. The story follows her as she comes to terms with the fact that she's not human anymore.

Yeah, if you don't know, I'm fascinated by zombies.
Any recommendations?