A Rabbit's Rant

On Wednesday, a grand jury in Staten Island decided not to indict the police officer who killed 43-year-old Eric Garner with a chokehold. Garner's crime? Selling loosies, or individual cigarettes, on the street. He did not resist arrest. You can find a video of Garner's final moments. The coroner ruled it a homocide, but the officer still walked away scot-free.

This is one of many high-profile cases of police brutality involving a person of color and a white officer. I know that those who choose to comment on this post will be up in arms on either side. I am a black woman, so I could play the race card. But I will not, because that's not my issue here. My problem is that there was more evidence against the cop than there was evidence in his damn favor! For God's sake, there's video, and there were more witnesses than there were in the case of Michael Brown. They indicted the cameraman but not the fucking murderer.

I am ashamed to say that these are the people chosen to "protect and serve" the cities in which they live.