Book Review!!!

Hi, y'all! First, I want to thank all the wonderful people who participated in the Covenant House Sleep Out last night. It was an honor seeing how much people care for homeless youth.

Now it's time for Bunny Marie's first ever book review! I have two books to speak on (and my reviews will be positive because I only hated Twilight with a burning passion!).

First: Zombie Notes is a study guide including classic novels with a paranormal twist. The book doesn't violate the stories, but they were a lot more fun. For instance, in The Scarlet Letter and Werewolves, Reverend Dimmesdale is a werewolf eluding death, and Pearl has inherited his fur, claws, and taste for human flesh. It's actually really cool, but it retains the essential points of the stories

Next, my new favorite, "Elvis Culture" by Erica Lee. Not specifically about the King, but about the legions of fans and how they honor Elvis Presley. I learned quite a lot through it. Did you know there are Churches of Elvis? Most of us aren't that extreme to where he's a god, but it's real. It's a good read, and it's very cool to see just how people feel about Elvis and his music.

Go look these books up until I get the other books I ordered. Ciao!