Vintage Kitchen Items!

Morning, dolls and fellas! You probably fit what the style was back in 1959, but your kitchen may be begging to imitate you! Well, luckily it can!

Nostalgia Electrics makes top-notch kitchen electrics that look as sleek and lovely as if they were from the nifty fifties!

Let's start with the hot dog roller! They're still used in restaurants and homes around the world. It's like grilling, but without the higher risk of fire!

Next up is the ice cream maker! This was an important machine because it was a money-saver. This also enabled people to control the nutritional value of their frozen desserts. You can also use it for gelato and fro-yo's. Of course, you're not doing the churning!

Next is a donut maker! Enough said on that.

I think we ALL love hot chocolate, but the mess is a bother! That's why this machine is perfect! You can make lattes, coffee, and hot chocolate! http://nostalgiaelectrics.com/product/hcm700retrored-retro-series-hot-chocolate-maker/

Now come's the fun collection: A line of Coca-Cola themed appliances! If you or someone you love is fond of this drink to an extreme, and they love vintage stuff, then they should print an order form. Every machine here has at least one Coca-Cola logo in it. http://nostalgiaelectrics.com/coca-cola-collection/

These items are available on nostalgiaelectrics.com It's modern technology with the beautiful designs of the past!

Check back soon, loves!