Simple Hair for Busy Girls

Good afternoon, dolls! Today I'm sharing a simple trick for looking lovely when time isn't on your side. It's a look I turn to if I'm busy, lazy or fighting with my hair. Be sure to detangle and comb your hair before you start.  You'll need
a teasing comb,
a rat-tail comb
a brush,
bobby pins or a headband,
and if you want, hairspray or pomade.

1. Tease all your hair from the root, using a teasing comb or hairbrush. It looks awfully wild, and that's why you don't stop there. :)

2. Part the sides of your hair. You'll be pinning those back later. 

3. a. Spray your hair or use a bit of pomade. b. If you don't use these, brush your hair back with hair gel or water. 

4. Using bobby pins, put back those locks of hair you parted earlier. Alternately, put a headband on! 

Instant bombshell! :)