Dresses that Rock Your Workplace

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Some clothes people wear to work put me to sleep. Not these lovely outfits from Lindy Bop! The dresses in these links are adorable, colorful, and still quite professional!





They can be worn to work, job interviews, college interviews, and if uniform isn't required, school!
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Musical Monday!

Good Monday Morning, Darlings! Today, I just updated my Spotify playlist. Here are Top 5 suggestions for y'all!

1. Imelda May- Dealing With the Devil
2. Jessie J- Bang Bang
3. Daddy Yankee- Limbo
4. Robbie Williams- Candy
5. Wanda Jackson- Stupid Cupid

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Another Store Recommendation!

Happy Wednesday, bunnies! I was on Facebook and I found a cool online store in the UK called LindyBop. The clothes here made me sooooo happy! Come on down and take a peek when you can!



A second blog for my readers!

Good morning, darlings! Did you know that this is NOT my only blog? It's true. I'm on Tumblr with the title Bunny's Pawpourri. I share things from other users, and random rambings from yours truly! Come up and see me sometime! 


Your Biggest Optical fashion problem

What's more complicated than some brand new gadget or a toy that requires adult assembly? Yes, girls, it's that pesky fake eyelash. Not all dolls have long curly lashes, but the way to get them is just too much? Sephora posted the steps for getting instant glamour on their Tumblr blog!

Bring on the drama.
The struggle to apply false lashes is all too real. Do you really put glue that close to your eye? What do you do when the lashes stick to your finger? The questions are endless. I did try them out for Halloween once, but I ended up looking more like an actual bird then a glamorous black swan. However, after trying a free Mini Makeover at Sephora, I know that will never happen again. In just 15 minutes, I learned how to create dramatic faux lashes with stunning length, volume, and curl. (And yes, you really do put the glue that close to your eye.) Read on to see how I mastered my fringe benefits. SARA ISAACSON
Claudiavel, a Sephora beauty expert, used MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow and Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Waterproof Mascara on my eyes before even touching the faux lashes. “A cream liner will help to balance out the length of faux lashes,” she explained, adding, “This mascara is just sticky enough to help faux and real lashes stay together.”
We decided to go for SEPHORA COLLECTION False Eye Lashes in Mink to enhance my almond-shaped eyes. The lashes fit perfectly—no trimming needed.
Next, I watched in awe as she carefully applied DUO Eyelash Adhesive to the faux lashes (not my eye) with the back of a brush. We waited for about 45 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
I stared at Claudiavel in confusion when she said she was going to use “the little birdie” to apply the faux lashes to the center of my eye. She was referring to the SEPHORA COLLECTION Bulls Eye Lash Applicator—and it worked like a charm. At this point all I wanted to do was bat my eyelashes at anyone looking at me, but Claudiavel insisted that I wait until they were secure. 
She pressed the false and real lashes together with her fingers, and then applied another coat of mascara, but only to the base of my real lashes. The faux lashes didn’t need it!
Claudiavel’s last tip was to use SMASHBOX Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner to conceal the white edges of bands for a super-polished look. I walked out of the Sephora store batting my eyelashes like a model. Or, at least that’s what I was going for.

NOTE: Kohl eyeliner nowadays is not real kohl, which is actually toxic. 

Ciao, bellas!

Swing Dress Sweetheart

Happy Monday, loves! I don't shop online; I just browse. But I might break that rule for this fantastic fit-and-flare dress on Unique Vintage! It's gorgeous, and I love the model's victory rolls!


I don't buy internet gear, but if you do, GO!!!


Bettie Bang Tutorials!

What lovely pin-up queen had the most AMAZING bangs ever? Well, yeah, Rosie the Riveter, but I was referring to Bettie Page! Don't tell me you didn't want her wowtastic bangs and curls. Here's how you get them!

Bettie’s Hair Color

If you truly want to get the Bettie look then you’ll need raven black hair. You can do this yourself with a semi-permanent or permanent blue/black or jet black dye or go to your local salon if you’re not feeling too brave. If you have a pale complexion and/or blonde hair then think carefully before you dye it black. Black hair dye doesn't fade out, you have to grow it out so you’ll have to be fully committed if you decide to change the color.
Bettie Style Fringe
Bettie Page Style by Sydney Stoopes

Bettie’s Bangs

Bettie’s look was all about the bangs (or fringe). Legend has it that she was told she had a high forehead and was advised to cut herself a fringe to disguise it – her short fringe then became her trademark and something she is remembered for to this day!
To get Bettie bangs you should take a photo of her into your local hair salon and ask for a fringe cut about 1/2 inch above your eyebrows and curved up in a U shape – it’s better to find a good reputable vintage salon as they really know how to create this look. Once you have your Bettie fringe you’ll need to keep it regularly trimmed to maintain the shape.
The best way to style this type of fringe is to curl it under with a hot iron so it has a slightly bevelled edge. Another way of doing this is by curling it under whilst drying it with a hairdryer, using a medium rounded hairbrush. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.
Vintage Bettie Page
Bettie Page by Menina

Bettie’s Soft Hair Curls

To get Bettie’s soft waves you’ll need hair pins and hair mousse or setting lotion. Add the mousse or lotion to damp hair and divide your hair into 1 inch square sections. Wrap each piece of hair around your finger creating a curl that lies flat against your head – secure with two pins making an X shape. When you have finished all of your hair, wrap a silk scarf across your head to protect the curls. You can either sleep on them overnight or wait until it dries naturally. Once dry, remove the pins and brush the curls out so they are soft and natural looking. Et voila! You now have Bettie curls.
Don’t forget to add lots of hairspray to your hair to keep the curls and bangs in position.

Here's a bonus: Her makeup!
The Makeup
To get the Bettie look you’ll need an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner (preferably liquid), mascara, foundation and red lipstick.
First make sure you put on a good matt foundation – the paler the better as Bettie was renowned for her alabaster skin. Next your eyebrows will need defining, take a look at Bettie on the internet to see her eyebrow shape – they were slightly on the heavy side. Use your pencil to thicken your brows and create more shape. You don’t want it to look too fake though so keep the shape similar to your real brows and just use the pencil to fill in any gaps and create more shape.
Next you’ll want to draw a line with your liquid eyeliner along your upper eyelid and flick this out towards the outer edge to create a cats eye shape add lashings of mascara to finish this look.
Finish with fiery red lipstick.

Now that you know how to be Bettie, get started!

These tutorials are from Vintage Fashion London, one of my favorite sites! Link: http://vintagefashionlondon.co.uk/how-to-recreate-the-bettie-page-look/#.U-zNv-NdWSp
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I Love Lucy (And her hair!)

Lucille Ball's hair was the object of my envy, and I'd love to have my hair like that. She's had several fabulous styles, and here is a tutorial I looked up because I can't do hair to save my birds.


And here are just  videos of Lucille at her finest.

The second link was, in my opinion, her best episode. It led to several remakes, including an episode of Drake and Josh involving sushi and stolen furniture.

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The Path To Victory (Rolls)!

I'm gonna be straight forward, dolls. I have no clue how to make victory rolls. Luckily,these lovely ladies make it easy for us!


There are also plenty of amazing photo tutorials on Tumblr!
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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


It's coming, my dears. The Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is only a month away! Here's the schedule and dates. Get excited, dolls!